Meld From Source

05 Feb 2014

Meld is a nice visual diff and merge tool. With Meld you can compare files and reconcile differences. It is written in Python and uses GTK+ as a GUI toolkit.

In this guide we will download and run Meld from source. Meld's source code is kept in a Git repository hosted by the GNOME project. Meld is actually pretty easy to run without installing it, but I had trouble getting the latest versions running on OS X recently. This is a problem because I've been trying to keep the Meld port current for MacPorts.

To get started clone the repo and try running Meld.

$ git clone
$ bin/meld

If you're on Linux this will probably just work. If you're on a Mac you may get some errors like the following:

Couldn't bind the translation domain. Some translations won't work.
'module' object has no attribute 'bindtextdomain'
Cannot import: GTK+
No module named gi